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After Having Narrow Chances of Surviving a Road Accident, Matteo Grima Successfully Graduates from the University of Malta


On the 23rd of April Matteo Grima was was run over by a car in the road leading from Rabat to Dingli.
“I was jogging like I habitually do because we were not training due to Covid19. I spent 12 days in a coma and I remember nothing. It took me two weeks to regain consciousness. My family’s greatest fear was that as soon as they arrived at the ITU after the accident they were told by the doctors that chances were that I would not make it or would survive with permanent disability. With the grace of God none of that materialized,” Matteo had said at the time.
Matteo was in a critical condition and he calls his recovery “a miracle,” and rightly so. Matteo’s “chances of surviving were very narrow and even the fact that I have managed to rehabilitate so quickly is in itself an incredible feat.”
Cut to December 2020, and after Matteo had quite a year, being even in a coma, and in hospital for a long time, he managed to graduate with a Diploma in Design Foundation Studies from the University of Malta!
On Facebook Matteo wrote, ‘I never believed in excuses. This year I defined that.’ We’d like to add something more to that. Matteo defined that with the right amount of stamina, will-power, and faith, anything can be achieved. We’d like to call Matteo a living example of determination and success!
From all of us at Bay, Congratulations Matteo!