“Addressed to That Person Who Asked Me To Hurry Up Whilst Swabbing!” – A Frontliner Speaks Out


Thomas Grixti is one of the many frontliners at the various swab centres, who have carried out over 120,000 tests – you know the ones – the ones we clapped for, the ones we thanked, the ones we hung our flag for – yeah those!

In what seems to be a somewhat Summer-related occurrence, our level of tolerance tends to go haywire as the heat increases – YET we can be wearing shorts and a tank-top.

“This is the result of just 2 hours of donning full PPE in our scortching maltese climate, and I have another 6 to go. Just this morning, hundreds of swabs were collected, all of which could be samples from POTENTIALLY infected individuals. If your grey matter can even remotely fathom the sheer stress and responsibility of carrying out these tests in such sweat-dripping heat whilst adhering to infection control protocols, then maybe there is a hint of empathy still left in you,” Thomas writes in a Facebook Post!
“Be vigilant, and respect those people sweating their guts out just so you can go to the beach and bake your banana bread with your mind at ease,” he concludes.
Whilst thanking Thomas and all the frontliners who are giving their all even in this heat, all of us at Bay would like to give him a double round of applause for winning Kokka Attiva at last Weekend’s KSU’s Kokka Night!

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