Activists Reveal The Harsh Reality Of The Gzira Duck Village


Concerns have been raised after Animal Liberation Malta exposed the harsh reality of the Duck Village situated in Gzira. It is not the first time that we might have stopped and admired the cute little spot.



However, due to the recent photos that have been making rounds on social media, this cute little spot is no longer so cute.



Animal Liberation Malta stated in a Facebook post that when activists visited the Duck Village, they witnessed the animals in “filthy, unsanitary” conditions, kept in a room at the back of the site.


The captive animals had no water, and if they did it was stagnant with leeches inside. Food was limited and rabbits had chicken feed instead of hay. Chicken feed is completely unsuitable for rabbits as it can cause health problems and eventually, death.



Rotting pigeon remains and mice were all over the place. Rabbits with diarrhoea and a guinea pig drinking from a bowl of filthy water.



Not only was it a horrendous sight to witness but the activists also stated that the stench coming from the cages was revolting which was difficult for them to not feel sick.



And to top it all off, the owner who runs the place claims to love animals and takes good care of them. Inspections have been carried out, one was actually carried out 2 months ago, and yet, this place is still up and running.


Animal Liberation Malta is begging for the authorities to do something about this case and stop this once and for all.


The post also stated that the six rabbits, two baby chickens, two guinea fowl and four guinea pigs that were found, were rescued from their rotting cages on the same night! They are either at Sunshine Animal Sanctuary or have already been adopted.

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