Accessory Trends from the 2000s that Should Never Make a Comeback


Ah yes, the 2000s…an era of Myspace, Lizzie McGuire, burning CDs, flip phones, and A LOT of questionable fashion choices. And since 2020 doesn’t really need to get any worse, here’s to praying that the following accessory trends do NOT make a comeback…

An excess of butterfly clips


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The only thing worse than stepping on a Lego was stepping on one of these!



Skinny scarves


Picture this – it’s 2007, you’ve got your classic mini-skirt-denim jeans combo on, styled with some sort of graphic tee and a waist coat, but it’s missing something… some pizazz, some bling…that’s where the glitzy scarves with absolutely no purpose come in.





I mean it wasn’t a Disney-inspired outfit if it didn’t have like 10 layers, right?



Toe Rings



Paired with a fresh pedicure, these were da bomb dot com! (…yeah, I hate myself for saying that too…)



Useless belts



The 00s was definitely the era for impractical fashion… and don’t even get me started on the sequin belts or the disc belts. Oh, let’s not forget that the chunkier, the better!



Can’t forget those studded or black and white belts either



Honestly, at this point I can’t even tell if the 2000s were real or if it’s just some lie the government wants us to believe…



Ties as necklaces



Avril Lavigne did it, so you did it too! And you’d pair this with some cargo pants, giant DC runners, and arm warmers or fingerless gloves for the ULTIMATE emo ∼fit∼.



Teeth gems or French nails with a diamante



The cool girl in your year did this, so the herd just followed.



Hair wraps



Anytime you went to some amusement park that had a stand for these, you begged your mum for one…and then suffered the anxiety of seeing the clump of hair which falls out after taking it out!

Anything else YOU would ban from the 2000s?

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