Abner Aquilina Readmitted To Mount Carmel Hospital For Treatment


Today’s sitting is the second one. Aquilina is not in court with sources having told MaltaToday that he has been readmitted to Mount Carmel Hospital for treatment.


Aquilina’s relatives were in court.



The court claims that it was informed by prison officials about 3 p.m. yesterday that the accused could not be brought to today’s hearing because he had to be admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital. The court was informed that a medical certificate would be provided stating that he would be unable to attend the hearing.


The magistrate told the doctor who signed the certificate to come to today’s hearing.



Dr Joseph Saliba is a psychiatrist and the clinical director at the Corradino Correctional Facility and the Forensic Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital.


 “I last saw him two days ago… Abner Aquilina had been taken straight to the Forensic Unit after his arraignment. He was admitted on 13 January and discharged on 24 January, still under my care. Aquilina was then taken to Corradino.”  – Dr Joseph Saliba


According to the doctor, Aquilina appeared to be relapsing. Since he showed signs of psychosis at Mount Carmel Hospital, the accused has been under monitoring at the Forensic Unit.


The doctor stated that the accused resisted taking the medication.’



The doctor says Aquilina showed strange behaviour and had shaved his head. He warns that his testimony might become graphic. Aquilina was acting strangely and had shaved his head. He warns that his testimony could become graphic.




According to the doctor, Aquilina had stripped naked and plugged his toilet, causing the room to overflow. To calm him down, he needed three doses of tranquillizer.


“He was threatening us, saying that he had powers and would make our lives miserable. He said that either he had a demon inside him or that he was the devil himself, that he would be crucified upside down.” – Saliba  describing yesterday’s event



Aquilina was then put on more strong medication however this morning he was found “stark naked and threatened to use his powers.”


Lawyer Stefano Filletti is representing the murder victim’s family.


When the court asks if he thinks he’ll be staying at Mount Carmel Hospital for a long time, the doctor says he can’t disclose. “Up till this morning he [Aquilina] was very difficult to treat,” the witness says.


“The parte civile doesn’t believe that there are sufficient reasons for the accused to be declared unfit to stand trial. It appears that the accused misbehaved, in the same way he did with the police. Justice must be done. Caesar’s coin must be paid. We cannot be at the whims of the accused, who two days before his case is heard gets himself admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital.” – 



Filletti claims that the accused’s doctor had no legal authority to declare him unfit for trial. For this specific purpose, the court must appoint an impartial expert.


More updates to follow…