Abandoned Vehicles To Be Removed From Roads Following New Legislation


The Authority for Transport in Malta, in agreement with the Local Councils’ Association, has published amendments to Subsidiary Legislation 65.13, in an effort to facilitate the removal of abandoned vehicles from the road.


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This means that vehicles that are in a state where they cannot be identified and/or are not roadworthy, as well as any vehicles with expired licenses, will be removed from Maltese roads.



Transport Malta Enforcement officials will be placing stickers on the windscreen of said vehicles, allowing the owner a seven-day window to remove the vehicle from the road.


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However, if the vehicle is removed from the road by the Authority, the owner will be obliged to pay all related expenses. If he fails to request the return of his vehicle (together with the payment of costs), the Authority shall have the right to auction the vehicle or to scrap it.



By means of these legislative amendments, Transport Malta shall be in a position to clear our roads from any vehicles which are occupying vital space that could be used by duly licensed vehicles.

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