A Woman Travelled 6,000 Miles To Remove Love-Locks Out Of Pettiness


Recently, a much dedicated woman, Kassie Young travelled 5,953 miles to remove an old love-lock that she and her ex had to a famous tourist attraction.


The 23 year old shared her journey on TikTok where she travelled from Los Angeles to Seoul in South Korea.



Her TikTok journey attracted around 4.8 million views to date.



She filmed herself on a plane before proceeding to purchase a pair of wire cutters and then riding a cable car to reach the top of the South Korean capital’s North Seoul Tower.



In her video, the text reads:  “I am one petty mf [motherf**ker] idc [I don’t care] what anyone says”.



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Young admitted that removing the lock wasn’t the only reason for her flight and that she was also there for work.



Remembering the lock she and her ex had left behind, however, persuaded her to take a detour in a bid to make an amusing and relatable video for her followers.



North Seoul Tower is known as the Namsan Tower and many people travel to the top to attach colourful padlocks to the fences as a symbol of their love.

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