A Woman Faked Her Own Wedding Just To Get Her Ex Back


Sarah Vilard, 24, from Germany has gone viral for all the wrong or right (you decide!) reasons after faking her own wedding with the intention of getting her ex back.


Vilard split from her ex back in 2019 and she decided to take revenge on him in a rather unique way by faking it till she makes it, apparently.



She proceeded by hiring an actor to act as her husband-to-be.


She even posed for an elaborate photoshoot wearing a beautiful white dress and she even rented out a lavish villa in Frankfurt.


Later she shared a video of the big day on TikTok leaving users in shock about the great lengths she took.



One user commented that the level of dedication can be considered either completely psychotic or absolutely genius.


Another asked about the honeymoon stating that you either have to go all the way or not!



It eventually got to her ex where he discovered the wedding on Instagram after she posted a series of photos.


He texted her the next day freaking out because he thought that she was cheating on him while they were still together.



To this, Sarah was left feeling satisfied that her plan worked out and promptly blocked and deleted him from everywhere.


She stated that she is now single and super happy about the whole situation and that she is now able to focus on herself.



Sarah wouldn’t reveal how much she had forked out for the ‘wedding’ but added: “I think people think I’m crazy. But overall, I’ve had mostly good reactions and over 5,000 people following me.


“I had fun planning this little project with my friends.”




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