A Tiktoker Is Recreating Dishes From Our Favourite Movies


Most of the time, a movie we watch features some finger licking good dishes that makes you want to switch places with the characters eating it at all costs.


Infact Disney is particularly good at presenting these sort of dishes from cheesy pizzas to mouth-watering sweet treats and also other food item like Harry Potter’s iconic squashed birthday cake that many fans would like to get their hands on.


A TikToker decided to make our dream come true and took action to bring these dishes to life so we can enjoy them in real life.


Meet Gabrielle Williams describes herself as ‘The Original Disney Movie Food Series Creator’ and she entertains one million followers with these recipes inspired by beloved movies including the perfect portion of rataouille dish.

Day 7 of foods inspired by Disney movies: Ratatouille/Confit Byaldi! 🐀🇫🇷 #fyp #disney #ratatouille #foryoupage #disneyfood #recipe #viral #cooking

♬ Le Festin – Annapantsu

She also created Lilo and Stitch’s mint choc chip ice cream, the poison caramel apples from Enchanted as well as the spaghetti and meatball in Lady and the Tramp and the green birthday cake presented by Hagrid to a young Harry Potter.



Gabrielle has been highly praised for her impressive commitment she shows in her creations and people have been asking her to open a Disney restaurant so other people can experience the food with more than just their eyes.



One thing is for sure, Gabrielle has offered us all hope that these recipe are possible to exist outside the world of fiction.


If only we can be bothered to make them……

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