A Strip Club Opens Pop Up Clinic And Offers Free Dances To Visitors


A strip club in Las Vegas is offering free dances to people who show up to their pop-up vaccine clinic to get the jab.


One Friday evening, the club decided to open a pop-up vaccination clinic for its customers to drop by and protect themselves.


One customer waits inside Hustler Club after being vaccinated. (PA Images)


Currently in the United States there’s been more than 33.1 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and more than 130 million people are fully vaccinated.


Furthermore, the Hustler Club in the U.S thought that offering a free dance would be a fun way to encourage more people to get the shot.



A chief nurse of the Southern Nevada Health District who is responsible for monitoring this walk-in clinic stated that this could be another way to access the population due to attracting some people who enjoy the novelty behind it.


JoJo Hamner receives her COVID-19 vaccine. (PA Images)


Most dancers admitted that this is the most Vegas thing that can happen.


The clinic opened its doors for a few hours and welcomed around 100 people including workers at the venue receiving the jab before the strip club opening for its normal business.



Despite some being reluctant to this idea, some were particularly convinced  since it came with certain perks.


Those who turned up were offered a one-year Platinum Membership Card, a complimentary bottle, free dances from one of the vaccinated entertainers, tickets for other shows and also a limousine transportation which usually would cost you around $5,000.



Residents in Las Vegas expressed, that initially, they were going to wait to get vaccinated however when their wife mentioned that they could get it at the club they were convinced even more.



Others stated that a lot of people that wouldn’t ordinarily do it, especially guys, they would go simply because it is a strip club.


The same club in New Orleans also opened a pop-up vaccine site with a free admission membership cards as well as entry for five friends.


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