A Selfie? Or a €10,000 Fine? What Would YOU do? Tkunx Gahan!


Well, the news of last night’s introduction of a fine for those who would have tested positive for coronavirus, and who do not respect isolation obligations, might have come to a surprise for many – as most of us would think it is common sense to obey such regulations.

But how can one manage to ensure that everyone is where they are meant to be the moment one goes knocking?

Well, the people of Poland might have come up with the answer to this question.

We have heard how technology is proving to be a great asset in all this social distancing business – video-calling your parents, Zoom-ing with your friends, having a work meeting over Messenger, as we did yesterday, here at Bay – you name it.



On Friday, Poland released an app which requires people in quarantine for COVID-19 to periodically send selfies of themselves on request to prove they’re sticking to their quarantine.

The mechanism is really simple and straightforward – If users don’t respond to a request for a selfie within 20 minutes police will be alerted – I wonder what their hashtag is.



In fact, the “Home Quarantine” app is intended for people quarantining for 14 days after returning from abroad.

People who’ve downloaded the app register a selfie with the app, then periodically receive requests for geo-located selfies. If they fail to comply, the police will be alerted.



The app uses geolocation and facial recognition allowing quarantined users to check-in with authorities to confirm they are indeed staying at home as required.

It is also being reported that the Polish Government is automatically creating accounts for suspected quarantine patients.

This is quite a stretch for Poland, where a fine of around €110 is applied to those caught not observing quarantine.

Would you imagine something like this working in Malta? Would it keep people where they are meant to be?

The elements of social networking which we all seem to not do without can actually be put to good use and make sure that the user will in fact, #StayHome.

Let us know what you think!

Until someone finds a way to make this happen – (ejja, put your self-isolation free time to good use), our heart goes out to the members of the Malta Police Force and the Public Health Officials who are carrying out tests all over the island. Your work, together with the work of all healthcare professionals is priceless at this time.

Our advise to you reading this is stay safe – and remember don’t let Social Distance Separate Us! – Just ask you Smart Speaker to Play Eighty-Nine Point Seven Bay, whilst we sort you out with Malta’s biggest hits all day!

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