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A Second Round of Vouchers Could Be Issued Soon – PM Robert Abela


The government is currently discussing whether a new set of vouchers will be issued. This was confirmed by Prime Minister Robert Abela yesterday, whilst giving comments to the media, after his first meeting with the new PN Leader, Bernard Grech.

The Prime Minister said that the scheme was a successful one, which led to an increase in public expenditure, after the government invested €45m in the scheme, adding that it had a cumulative effect.



People have until the end of October to spend their €100 vouchers which were split in five vouchers of €20 each, with 4 of them redeemable at MTA Licensed Establishments such as hotels and restaurants, and with the other one redeemable at any shop or service which had to cease its operations due to the legal notices in place.

In the meantime, there have been a number of proposals from the social partners for a second run of vouchers to be issued, with the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association calling for vouchers which can be spent in the cultural sector, and with the Malta Chamber of SMEs proposing that this time round the vouchers would be targeted more towards the retail sector.

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