A Recollection Of The Renowned Birgu By Candlelight


Every year, the acclaimed Guinness World Records holder, the Birgu by Candlelight betides. A singular night in October, where locals keep reminiscing the city of Vittoriosa being lit up with thousands of flickering candles, along with folk bands creating a miraculous and lively aesthetic.



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Though, unfortunately, the Birgu local council announced that “the annual event of Birgufest, will not be held”, once again for the second consecutive year. This is saddening news, as this event is perceived as unique – a one for the books, as they commonly say. Yet, this should help us cope with our downhearted self, whilst knowing what makes this event so special…





Birgu takes you back to a time where there weren’t any lights, only candles. You see the city is dressed up in luminous candles that convey shining light, without any streetlights. Just a floodlight of candles and gleaming house-facades evoking that scintillating aura all over!




Did you know that the city of Vittoriosa made its way to a world record? Well, now you do! The Vittoriosa natives or as they are called “Ġirbin”, lit an approximate number of 15,000 candles all over the city, creating that mesmerising atmosphere, back in 2010. And I can assure you this wasn’t an easy task. After battling the vicious weather, the community still pulled through and ignited their torches at the last minute for precaution.





I think everyone can agree that this event is simply special. It is a time where a small community like Birgu, comes together as one and collaborates to execute one hell of a sensational night. This event is an explicit example that shows the true heart of the locals!





Of course, Vittoriosa never leaves out its ancient history and attractions. Throughout the city, there are historical hotspots waiting just for you to view them. These include numerous buildings from churches, museums, forts, and auberges. Yes, you might have seen them before, but wandering inside during this majestic atmosphere just hits different. And that is not all… Visitors could also visit and appreciate craftsman work inside Couvre Porte, where you can acknowledge different historical re-enactments. Also, one can go to the main square and enjoy some live music, whilst feasting!




Lastly, but not least, there is a vast range of dishes served. The main square is congested with food stands and trucks waiting for you to taste them. Apart from this, the Vittoriosa Waterfront is bombarded with restaurants, now more than ever, along with the whole street being packed with other food stands that you just have to drop by.


So, if you never went to this event, I hope this sparked your interest as much as it continued to fuel mine. This is the eventual treat you didn’t think you need. Trust me. So, let us hope together for this yearly gem to make its grand return next year!

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