A little bit of Malta in the heart of Japan’s capital city

If you ever happen to be roaming the streets of Tokyo, you can’t miss Maruta – Japan’s number one Maltese cuisine food specialist.

Yep you heard that one right.

Takashi Takamiya opened his Maltese restaurant after spending six months in Malta.

It was love at first sight for Takashi as he adores Malta’s cuisine and culture.

He said: ‘Our most popular dishes are the Ftira and Bragioli.

‘Everything is made fresh and from the heart’.

Takashi event makes his own ħobż tal-Malti and Maltese style Pizza.

Maltese tourists who have visited the restaurant said they had the time of their lives sipping down Cisk and Kinnie while watching the Maltese evening news.

He told 89.7 Bay: ‘We’ve had lots of Maltese customers since we opened 3 years ago – including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat himself!’