A Karen-Themed Diner Opens With ‘Rude Staff & Poor Service’


Okay, boomers, you might want to click away for this one… Karen’s diner has opened with ‘rude staff and poor service’ – so you may find yourself demanding to speak to the manager…



Karen’s Diner in Sydney, Australia is urging customers to spend a night in their restaurant if they want to vent their frustrations, as well as get a ‘thrill’ out of making a complaint.


Karen's Diner Opens With 'Rude Staff And Poor Service'


So, as you might’ve guessed, the diner is capitalising on the widely used ‘Karen’ meme, the pastiche on a particular kind of woman who feels the need to complain about service, as well as frequently demanding to speak to the manager.



And it’s going pretty well too… They’re even banking on opening more Karen’s Diners in Brisbane and Melbourne. Their official website reads, ‘We hate good service. This will be the most fun you’ve had eating burgers, ever.’


This food looks too good to complain about (Credit: Karen's Diner Australia)


‘Karen’s is an interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience. At Karen’s, you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting you to give it full Karen. A place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care.’, it adds.



Guaranteeing 100 per cent “rude staff”, Karen’s Diner adds: ‘Our manners are non-existent and we’re the perfect place for Karen’s everywhere to vent their anger and dismay at the world. Come on, ask for the manager…WE DARE YOU!’


The service leaves a lot to be desired (Credit: Karen's Diner Sydney)


‘You can expect good food, good fun and a dining experience like you’ve never had before.’



And things are only made better if you’re (un)lucky enough to actually be called Karen – if you bring some ID, you’re entitled to free drinks (something you definitely won’t be complaining about).


Fingers crossed an experience like this opens up in Malta… otherwise, we’d have to speak to the manager.

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