A Guy Tricked Google Thinking There Is A Traffic Jam Using Kart Full Of Mobile Phones


A video making rounds shows how one person was to trick Google Maps into thinking there is traffic jam caused.


This guy made it possible with nothing more than a kart full of phones.



An experiment which took place in Berlin features a man dragging 99 mobile phones across an empty bridge.



Alongside… wait for it… a real-time screen recording of Google Maps’ traffic feature.


As the phone made its way across the bridge, the map gradually updated to show an orange, then a red line extending along the road.


Then within seconds, Google Maps has created a major traffic jam in an otherwise traffic-free neighbourhood.



The idea seemed to have worked perfectly since Google uses GPS data from smartphones to work out how many cars are in an area instead of traffic monitoring systems.



When posted on Youtube, people were impressed:


‘Wow what a hack, just realizing how Google maps works. You’re truly a genius,’ one person wrote, while another joked ‘Need to find the guy who does this in the 80% of the streets of my city.’


To be fair to Google, its a system that works most of the time, but this new video has shown that it’s not as exact a science as people might think.


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