A Fundraiser Was Set Up For A Crying German Girl Competing In Euro 2020


Following England’s recent victory over Germany, donations flooded in for a little girl who was subjected to horrible online harassment.



The nameless child, who was at Wembley to cheer Germany, sobbed as England defeated Germany 2-0, eliminating Germany from UEFA Euro 2020.



Photographs of the girl rapidly went viral on social media, inciting a slew of obnoxious people to abuse her with improper comments.



Now, a fundraising has been established with the goal of demonstrating to the young girl that “not everyone in the United Kingdom is evil.”



Joel Hughes started the website with the intention of raising £500 for the girl so that her parents could buy her a “nice treat.”



The campaign has earned almost £8,495 as of this writing, enough for this girl’s parents to spoil her, and many of those who have donated have added some much-needed words of kindness.



Joel expressed his gratitude in a recent update, saying that he had been “blown away” by the outpouring of support and that the narrative had “hit a chord” with others.


Joel went on to say that he is still looking for the girl’s family and that if they can’t be located – or don’t want to be discovered – he will reimburse all donations.

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