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A Festival in Malta is Being Broadcast Live this Weekend!

With all gigs and mass crowd events cancelled, someone came up with the ingenious idea to host a live festival over the weekend for all of us stuck at home to enjoy, and they’re calling it, very aptly, Lockdown.

Lockdown Festival, happening from today, Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd, will bring local and some international artists straight to your homes via live-streaming on Facebook.

You can join in on the fun by following this link!

It’s going to be live-streamed on Facebook, but if you’re liking the entertainment and having a jolly time, you can give a little contribution on their crowdfunding page.

Three creatives are the brains behind this initiative. Since they understand the impact of mass cancellations amidst coronavirus outbreak, they came up with this amazing idea to bring music and art lovers together during these isolated times.

So, who’s taking to the virtual stage?

For the electronic music buffs amongst you, keep a look out on Lockdown’s page for a lofi-techno treat to be announced tomorrow as their international headliner.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in the coming 3 days:

Local and international artists take to the stage, meaning their home or studio, to live stream a session through our Lockdown Festival facebook page. Keeping you entertained in the comfort, or confinement of our own home.

Day 1 (Friday 20th):

Maltese folk artist, Sam Christie
American house DJ no_4mat

Day 2 (Saturday 21st):

Poetry by Christopher Brown(UK)
Florinda Camilleri with an excerpt from solo piece ‘Minn Taht l- Ilsien’ (Choreography by Lucia Piquero)
Moveo Dance Company
The talented Spanish dancer, Abel Hernandez
Acoustic solo musician Dav. Jr
Indie- pop band Oxygyn
Nicole Parnis on decks
Grip Tight (UK)

Day 3 (Sunday 22nd):

Morning session DJ set by Houseplants (UK)
Classical musicians Veronique Vella and Giselle Degiorgio
Power sister duo The New Victorians
bark Bark Disco
Dj set by Niels Plotard

Keep up to date with announcements on the event here.