A Deaf Dog Comes Up With Her Own Of Communicating By Mimicking Other Dogs


Reggie is a rescue dog who was brought in Lindsay Kelly’s family and it is believed that she was born deaf.


Infact, she has never heard what an ordinary dog bark sounds like. Bless her.



When Reggie saw the physicial movement of dogs when they bark were getting attention from their owners she decided to start copying what she thought they were doing.

In a video posted by Lindsay on TikTok, Reggie proudly shows off her new trick, throwing her head back and letting out a tiny, adorable squeak.



Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter. 🐶 🗣 #dogsoftiktok #doggo

♬ original sound – Lindsay Kelly


Linsday admits, that at first, she couldn’t quite understand what her dog was doing. Infact she thought it was a sneeze or cough at first.


It was only when she continued doing it whilst looking at her when she realized that she was trying to communicate in her own way.



It may not be the loudest bark in the world however Lindsay figured out what to listen for, as her Reggie is able to communicate properly with her.

Lindsay added that Reggie seems so proud of herself when she does it and she loves to do this bark near the pantry door when she wants a treat.



Apparently, Reggie now, is able to get whatever she wants even with her fake barks.  Genius move, Reggie!



Reggie has quickly won legions of fans getting more than 2.2 million views on the app. So even though Reggie can’t hear or speak, his unique voice has managed to reach dog lovers all over the world.

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