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A Day Like Today Will Only Happen Again in Over 100 Years…Here’s Why!


If this morning you woke up feeling great, and not only because of whatever might have happened yesterday, then we can safely tell you that your feelings were quite right, and pretty much aligned.

It is not because of the new US President, or because in 11 months and 4 days it will be Christmas day.



You only have to look closely to your calendar to realise what today is. You see, today, is the 21st day, of the 21st year, of the 21st century!



There were many who thought we would never get to this, with the Mayans we would be decimated by 2012, while others thought 2020 was the end, even though hey, it did look like that at one point.



All this depends on when you think the Millenium began however, as some think it started on 2000 and some other think it started in 2001. Well according to experts there is no year zero, which means that the 21st century actually started in 2001.

We can always sit back and just enjoy this unique day! The next one of its kind will be in 2122! Sayonara!