A Couple Imposed A Tiered Menu According To Each Guest’s Cash Gift


Being a wedding guest is an expensive business – from attending the hen do to buying an outfit and we didn’t even get tot the present part yet.


One couple shocked the internet as they revealed that they will be imposing a tiered menu according to each guest’s cash gift.



You get what you ‘pay’ for – literally.


The couple said that idea behind this, is that, the more money you give, the better your meal will be on the day.



The menu presented offers a large variety from chicken to lobster and it varies depending on whether guests give a gift of $250 or $2,500 to the couple.



Which makes gifts less than $250 would be deemed inappropriate.



The menu provided with the wedding invitation clearly asks the guest to circle your gift level – either a ‘loving gift’ or ‘golden gift’ and indicate the meal of choice for each person.



The menu goes on to explain that the souvenir goblet is only available for platinum level gifters.


Have you ever witnessed some bridezillas? 


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