A Chocolate Frog Was Discovered And Harry Potter Fans Are Estatic


Harry Potter fans behold.


A chocolate frog has been discovered in a New Guinea rainforest however you shouldn’t eat this one.



Sadly these frogs don’t come with a collectible card and there is nothing wizard-related to them but they are cute to look at!



The chocolate frog has been discovered in the lowlands rainforests of the country but it certainly differs from those that appear in the Harry Potter films.



A paper has also been published about this extraordinary discovery in the Australian Journal of Zoology where it discusses the new species and how it compares to the rest of the frog family.


The paper explains that part of the reason these species have only been recently discovered is that they don’t travel too often. He further explained that since the frog lives in very hot, swampy areas surrounded by lots of crocodiles, this discourages any further exploration.



It is also believed that these chocolate-colored species are separated from their green relative in Australia when the New Guinea Island became independent millions of years ago.

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