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A 24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge For €2000 – Would You Do It?


There’s a company that tests out home services and products,, and it’s putting a ‘digital detox challenge’ to the test, rewarding people with €2000 if you manage to stay away from screens for 24 hours straight


person holding black iphone 4


If you think that you could last the 24 hours of ditching all of your devices for a day – and get paid for it – then ‘this is the perfect opportunity for you’, as the brand explains on their official website.



According to the company, those who are burnt out and mentally drained from the endless scrolling and somewhat-useless information are encouraged to participate most in the contest.


MacBook Pro beside iPad and iPhone turned on


So, if you’re done with everyone’s shit – then this is the competition for you! Winners are also guaranteed to receive the official ‘2021 Digital Detox Challenger’ title, a safe to store all devices in for the day, €2000, and a €170 Amazon gift card for a ‘tech-less survival kit’…



The kit includes a typewriter, board games, and stationery to help keep you pre-occupied throughout the 24 hours. Participants aren’t allowed to use anything from a smartphone to a television, computers, and gaming consoles. Nada.


person holding white samsung android smartphone


However, applications for this year’s challenge have closed – but you can head over to the official website to learn more.