93-Year-Old Therese Micallef is Sewing Face Masks for Malta’s Front-liners

Everyone is pulling their way, contributing in any way they can to fight against this horrible virus that has hit our island, and 93-year-old Therese Micallef is doing her part by sewing masks for our front-liners!

Therese Micallef is a resident at Dar Saura in Rabat. She’s been sewing masks for medical staff and other workers in the health sector out of her own will after she reportedly asked for material voluntarily.

Publiée par Frank Portelli sur Samedi 18 avril 2020

The residents and carers have been under lockdown for the past four weeks, so Therese says that this helps her keep occupied.

You’ve got to love her!! Thank you Therese for your amazing gesture!


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