9-Year-Old Maltese Boy Makes It To The Top 10 Of The International Category Of Song Academy UK 2021 Song Writing Competition


Benjamin Magro is a 9-year-old Maltese boy who is described as ‘a very active and cheerful boy’ and is ‘always full of initiative’… So much so that Ben recently entered a songwriting competition with an emotional song he wrote titled Talk and has now made it to the top 10 of the International Category!


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The story all started last year, when – as his mother, Analisa described – Ben was going through a tough time, and teachers at his school, St. Catherine’s, noticed he began constantly humming during class and they started to worry.



A little later during the year, Ben ‘put the puzzle together’ for his loved ones when ‘he wrote a song during one of his online lessons’. His mother noted, ‘he had it ready on paper together with the melody by the end of a Maths online lesson’.


The Young Songwriter 2021 competition | Youth Music Network


Ben’s moving song illustrates his feelings and attachment to his dog, in the absence of his friends during the on-and-off school lockdown. Then, despite Ben having little background in music, they luckily came across local talents Matthew James Borg and Dav Jr.



Struck by the song’s potential, the two artists coached Ben through until the song was professionally produced. All of this happened last September, but then on the last day of the deadline for the Song Writing Competition, they decided to send in his song as an entry, and low and behold, Talk is now shortlisted with the last 10 in the International Category!


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You can listen to the full song here!

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