9 Types of people you’ll definitely meet at a Maltese gym

Whether you already started working on that 2020’s summer bod’, or whether you spent money on a membership that you… never use; the gym has clearly become a thing in the 21st Century. And if you’ve ever been to a gym, then maybe you took the chance to take a look around at the best, and worst kinds of people you can find at the gym.

The Equipment Hog

This one is usually seen rotating between a few machines, leaving their sweaty garments and other items behind so they show the rest of the gym they’re unavailable.  They may also obstruct others by hogging other equipment and by thinking taking long rests between sets is a fantastic idea! In other words, an encounter with this person is just a complete waste of your time.

The Avid Selfie-taker

But first, let them take a selfie! This person spends roughly 60% of their time at the gym striking a pose (and I don’t mean they just one). No, these people will take photos before they start, between sets, selfies near the equipment, after they’re done – maybe it’s to track their progress, maybe they feel like they’re the sh*t … either way, WE CAN SEE YOU!

The one that glows, but NEVER sweats

These people just… never break a sweat, do they? Firstly, how? Secondly, have you even worked out? They’re normally enviously fit with a flawless complexion and look like a real life gym commercial.

The Sweat Dripper

On the contrary, we have the bountiful sweat dripper. Everyone sweats at the gym (besides the immortal glowing gods & goddesses), but some have you wondering if they just came out of the pool or if it’s raining outside. If you come across one of these at the gym, just pray that they’re polite enough to wipe down machines and benches after they’ve finished.

The Excessive Grunter

Ever had your headphones on at the gym, but can still hear someone going “AHHH”, “UHHH”, “OHHH” whilst lifting? That, my friends, is the excessive grunter – a fitness fanatic that never goes unnoticed (mainly because they can literally be heard halfway across the gym). The more they grunt, the more they can lift and unfortunately, there’s no denying it because it’s science.

The Determined Grinder

Now this one serves as some motivation. The gym is their church, their confidence is admirable and they’ve got their workouts and nutrition on point! And this is evidently true through their lean, muscular façade (oh, and they probably “casually” carry around a gallon of water).

The unasked for “Personal Trainer”

This person feels the need to give out unnecessary, unasked for pointers to EVERYONE. Don’t get me wrong, if this is one of the licensed trainers at the gym, then corrections to help elevate workouts are more than welcome. But if they’re constantly interfering with everyone’s workout? Then let’s just be thankful the human race is blessed with the existence of headphones…

The Creep

Now if any of you gym-goers have ever encountered any of these kinds of people, it’s likely to be this one. The Creep, otherwise known as “The Starer”, is either seen checking other people out, or staring for uncomfortably long periods of time at random people. And if they’ve got the nerve, they’ll even cockily try to hit on people.

The Multi-Tasker

This person prides themselves on having their shit together. You can bet that whilst they’re getting their cardio in, they’re replying to texts and emails, listening to some life-changing podcast and scheduling out their week – all before you’ve even finished your set.

Have you encountered any of these at the gym?