9 Things you’ll only remember if you grew up using MSN

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Remember a time where MSN was all the rave? It was the virtual place to be! And while we know that messenger has taken over nowadays … nothing beats the ridiculously hilarious things we used to do on that chat platform.

Here are 9 things you’ll only remember if you grew up using MSN.

1. Writing a cheesy quote or your favourite song lyric as your status

MSN nicknames

When Coldplay was all the rave, you’d have some sob-story of a lyric thrown in there – “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” for when you were in love, and “Viva La Vida” for when you were simply loving life.

For those who wanted to take it to the next level, they’d write an inspirational quote, somewhere along the lines of: “Although the fall will kill me, for a moment I will fly!”

Yeah, we can’t stop cringing either.

2. The completely embarrassing hotmail email address you chose for yourself

MSN email

And you’d never ask someone for their phone number, only: “għandek msn?” and then you’d proceed to giving them what you thought was the coolest email in the whole wide world: [email protected]

3. The Appear Offline function

appear offline

Yeah, I’m not talking to that person, but that person doesn’t know that I’m not currently talking to them, so I’m appearing as offline and talking to a select few of my buddies that I actually feel like talking to.

How petty were we.

4. Logging in and out of MSN so that person who hasn’t spoken to you yet keeps getting notifications

appear offline msn

And then, when they finally talking to you, you used the good old: “Istra, qed jaqtali illum”.

5. Rushing home from school to chat with the people you just spent your whole day with

Since there was no way that your parents would’ve let you go out on a school night, chatting with your best mates on MSN was the next best thing! School ended at 3pm, and your online appointment started at 4.30pm, giving you barely enough time to get home.

Then you’d obviously end up eating in front of your webcams and chatting, because close to 8 hours a day at school simply aren’t enough…

That’s the closest you got to a sleepover on a school night…

6. Over-nudging someone and having to wait until you can nudge them again

What’s that? It took you a whole two minutes to reply? Nudge, nudge, nudge, nudge until their whole screen shook for a good minute. Ugh, I pressed it too much now I have to wait a whole minute before I can nudge them again.

Oh the pains of an MSN user!!

7. Spending minutes trying to decipher someone’s message because of all the emojis they have

too many emoticons

Between all the moving letters, and all the emojis they created for themselves, trying to read someone’s message was the equivalent of solving a Sudoku puzzle.

8. Asking your mate to check if someone was offline

Oh the teen drama. If someone appeared offline on your chat list, and online on your friend’s it meant one thing … you’ve been blocked. Unleash the wrath!!

9. Adding a <3 followed by your significant other’s name at the end of your status to make your relationship “official”

And if you really wanted to be extra, you’d also add the date of your first date.

Ah to be young and in love during the MSN days. Your relationship was nowhere near official without the heart and the name after your cheesy quote.

Que: a flood of messages the minute that heart and name were gone, signalling that you were back in the game!

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