9 Things that Require Pure Maltese Creativity to Execute

Us Maltese have a god-given gift. We can find the fastest and easiest shortcut that will make our life so much simpler. But when you evaluate, look back and see the end result of whatever it was that needed to be done … you are left with these Maltese masterpieces.

1. No parking, no problem

Malta parking


2. When you take out the garbage on the wrong day and the garbage truck never picks it up for you …

Bins malta

3. Inspiring others with your Facebook statuses just isn’t enough sometimes … so you have to turn to car stickers to inspire other drivers and passers by

Malta car sticker

4. It’s supposed to be a pizza Marinara … but what it actually turned out to be is a mystery

Pizza marinana gone wrong

5. When one door closes, another one opens… but it would be better if this one stayed closed

maltese door

6.When it’s the middle of a heatwave in Malta and this seems to be your only solution

7. Don’t think they realised that another two would fit up there …

8. When you try your best but you don’t succeed

dustbin no dustbin

9. No caption is really needed here…

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