9 Things that Happen at EVERY Maltese BBQ


Summer 2020’s days are counted, and I am sure that we will all try to fit in that one last BBQ because,

What’s summer in Malta without a good old barbeque? Whether it’s at the beach, on the roof or in the balcony, we are always ready with our comfy strechy shorts and dresses (because we all know we’d be eating too much) for a barbeque. Irrespective of where it will take place or if it’s with our family or with our friends there are some things that will remain consistent and will not change!



1. There’s TOO MANY things to dip your galletti in

Despite making a list of who is getting what, we always have that one friend (in my case, it’s all my friends) that worry we will not have enough food and bring some extra ‘just in case’; only to end up with 5 different dips, feta cheese, bigilla (ovja), garlic bread and stuffed olives…but I’m not complaining…

Diana Complaining GIF by YoungerTV


2. Il-famuz pink sausage!

Is it even worth going to a barbeque if you know there won’t be any pink sausages?! I feel this is a fundamental part of ANY Maltese barbeque – everyone will eat too much of them (guilty) until you literally cannot fit another one in.


Sausage GIF



3. Vegetarians start whining about how many animals were killed for the purpose of this BBQ

Look, I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans but I’ve always been a meat lover (and always will be!). So P-LEASE Auntie Tessie, stop asking me if that delicious pink sausage was worth having a pig killed. Truthfully, those sausages are the best thing I’ve eaten this week – don’t you dare ruin my tiny bubble of happiness!!!


Vegetarian Mads Mikkelsen GIF


4. RIP to all the burnt chicken breasts on that grill

No, Martha – burnt chicken is not the way to go and NO we’re not going to get salmonella.





5. Losing count of the wine glasses

Being oh so relaxed during the barbeque, we find ourselves pouring one glass after another and soon we realize that we’ve drank 6 glasses of rosé wine and we have no idea how on earth we’re going to drive back home.


Drunk Amy Schumer GIF


6. Goodnight Sera!

We always have that one friend or cousin or zija that falls asleep at the BBQ … like is that even legal? You’re missing out on all the good food man!!


Spongebob Squarepants Sleeping GIF



7. Someone takes out watermelon for dessert

Why are you even here and who invited you? Where’s my ice-cream woman?!


Excuse Me What GIF


8. You curse the moment you realize you have to be at the office at 7am the following day

Food coma, hangover…do I really need to go to work tomorrow?


The Office Reaction GIF


9. The mosquito attraction

Someone from the people invited will be the mosquito’s target for the night and although you try and put on your pity face because your best friend is scratching the heck out of her legs; you’re secretly over the moon that the mosquito didn’t choose you tonight.


Beyonce Mosquito GIF


How many can YOU relate to? Probably all of them!

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