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9 Sustainable Swaps to Help Reduce Plastic Consumption

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One of the biggest challenges the world is facing today is plastic pollution, and whilst many may think it’s expensive or inconvenient to change little things in their daily routine – it really isn’t. It’s not hard to be eco-friendly…there are TONS of affordable sustainable swaps that help reduce our plastic footprint, and here are some of them.

Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

Unlike plastic, bamboo is a renewable resource that helps eliminate plastic waste and there are plenty of websites, as well as some local shops where you can buy your own from (just make sure its packaging is also plastic free!) You can even up-cycle your bamboo toothbrush when it gets worn out, like maybe using it to dust your keyboard.

Pay more attention to packaging

Sometimes it may seem that plastic is inevitable, but there are small changes you can make that help our environment. For example, you can choose to buy detergent in the box, rather than a plastic bottle or pasta in the box instead of a plastic bag.

Re-think your food storage

When buying containers, we often tend to go for plastic but in order to benefit our environment, it’s best to opt for alternative materials such as silicone, stainless steel or glass.

Ditch the cling film

And replace it with environmentally-friendly, reusable beeswax wraps! Whilst disposable packaging is more convenient, these all-natural food wraps are not only better for the environment, but are also easy to manage; just make sure to rinse them with cold water (hot water would melt the wax). And if this still isn’t for you, then use foil instead as aluminium is easier to recycle.

Invest in reusable cutlery

If you’re always on-the-go and tend to eat out, then there are tons of affordable, pocket-sized options to choose from – from bamboo chopsticks for those sushi cravings, to stainless steel forks, knives and even straws!

BONUS TIP: If you’re getting take out, you can request to use your own container instead of their disposable one. You can also say no to the little plastic “table” in pizza boxes.

Treat yourself to an ice cream cone instead of a cup this summer

Why go for a plastic cup that takes years to decompose when you can go for something biodegradable and edible? (not to mention delicious)

Use loose leaf tea with a tea strainer instead of plastic-sealed teabags

You can also discover plastic free tea, like Pukka Tea and be on the look-out for biodegradable teabags. Some even say tea tastes better when using loose leaf.

Buy in bulk!

This is a great way to not only reduce plastic use, but to help grocery budgets in the long run.

Buy in bars!

Some toiletries can actually be found in bars, like soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner.

Making a difference all boils down to the little choices you make on a daily basis, even if it’s simply being more conscious about what you choose to consume on the daily.

Got any more tips? Let us know about them in the comments!