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9 Pokémon that’ll be making an appearance in Detective Pikachu!

detective pikachu

Pokémon lovers, you’re in for a treat this weekend! We finally have a film to watch that will take us on a trip down memory lane and it’s called Detective Pikachu!

With Detective Pikachu showing at the Eden Cinemas as of the 10th of May, we thought we’d run you through the Pokémon we know will be making an appearance in the film after seeing them in the film’s trailer.

1. Pikachu


This should come as no surprise really, given that he’s protagonist of the movie. His voice will be played by Ryan Reynolds and we’re already loving this character from the trailer.

2. Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmainder

Bulbasaur in Detective Pikachu

We put these together since they are the three starter Pokémon in the game. We’d actually be quite surprised if these iconic Pokémon did not make an appearance in the movie.

3. JigglyPuff


Now this one is known for singing her opponent to sleep, so seeing her in the trailer on a table in a cafe, with a microphone in hand and someone asleep behind her is a hilarious twist that we can’t wait to watch more of.

4. Charizard

Charizard in Detective Pikachu

The fire breathing Pokémon who is probably almost as popular as Pikachu, given that he appeared on the box and cartridge of the Nintendo game ‘Pokémon Red’.

5. Loudred


The Loudreds are known in the Pokémon world for having ears that can be used as speakers, which is quite fitting considering that they’re seen in a club next to a DJ stand in the trailer, instead of speakers in the trailer.

6. Snorlax

snorlax in Detective Pikachu

And of course, you wouldn’t really imagine seeing Snorlax making an appearance unless he’s somewhere fast asleep. The fact that he’s asleep in the middle of the street just makes him more adorable.

7. Psyduck


In the early seasons of the show, Psyduck was quite the familiar face, and it seems like we’ll be seeing him often throughout the film as one of the character’s trusted sidekick.

8. MewTwo

mewtwo in Detective Pikachu

If you’ve watched the first Pokémon movie, MewTwo strikes back, then you’ll recognise this character as the villain. We don’t know what’ll be happening in Detective Pikachu, but the way he’s introduced in the trailer kind of makes us think that he isn’t up to any good.

9. Mr Mime

Mr Mime

Perhaps not one of the most popular Pokémon, but watching him mime through his sentences in the trailer makes us look forward to the scenes we’ll be seeing him in, in the movie.

Watch: the trailer for Detective Pikachu

You can grab your tickets for the live-action Detective Pikachu by following this link!

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