9 Hours Down, 24 To Go. Here Are The Latest Updates On Neil Agius’s Journey!

Neil Agius has embarked on a journey, swimming for 33 hours, making his way from Sicily to Malta. A feat that is both physically and mentally challenging, and all for an amazing cause.

Neil is currently swimming a total of 95km from Sicily to Malta, ending somewhere along St Julian’s. He’ll only has a swimsuit and goggles on; no wet-suit, and for the duration of the swim, he won’t be able to get aboard any boats. This is also the third consecutive year that Neil will be completing a swimming challenge of the sort, but none have been as extreme as this.

During the latest update, the public has been einformed that Neil is going “nice and steady. He’s doing fantastic. He’s in high spirits …  so far so good.”

Neil is currently above the 40km mark, from a 100km challenge, meaning he has a little below 60 to go.

He’s swimming for 29 minutes straight, resting for one, getting food and water during that 1 minute, making sure he’s hydrated well and fuelled properly.

It also seems that the crew even came across a few dolphins along the way.

Conditions have been decent, with the wind’s current in his favour giving him that little helping hand everyone has been hoping for.

Urges you to pick the pieces of plastix ieth photos and stories, to keep the momentum going. Neil is keeping it up, let’s do our part.

Neil is only asking you to do a little something simple to help motivate him during his Sicily to Malta swim.

“All I’m asking is for people to join the Wave Of Change. Just pick up three pieces of plastic, put up a photo with a #waveofchange, and tag 3 friends or colleagues to do the same. I’ll be swimming for 33 hrs … it literally takes 3 minutes to do the challenge. The more #waveofchange i see, the more motivated I get to do these challenges.”

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