89.7 Bay’s Malta clean-up with Zibel hailed a success

89.7 Bay’s Making Malta Green and Clean clean-up day with Zibel has been hailed a ‘huge success’.

As these photos show, dozens of volunteers were out in force on Saturday morning, cleaning up the Ghajn Tuffieha area.

More than 170 enthusiastic volunteers bagged and binned over  a tonne of waste.

The most common items found at Riviera Bay were cigarette butts, food wrappers, wood and recyclable items such as paper, glass and plastic drink bottles.

Plastic – 36kg

Cans – 13kg

Glass – 124kg

General waste – 777kg

Fishing gear – 59kg

Fridge – 53kg

Bottle caps – 6kg

Total – 1068kg


89.7 Bay would like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers who got involved and the businesses and organisations that supported them.

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