89.7 Bay leads Malta’s biggest clean-up EVER

89.7 Bay has led Malta’s biggest beach clean-up yet, with more than a tonne of waste collected on Saturday morning.

Around 200 volunteers and 89.7 Bay listeners took part in the massive ‘Making Malta Green and Clean’ event at Ghajn Tuffieha with the environmental action group Zibel.

The majority of the rubbish picked up around Riviera Bay was general waste.

Cans, plastic straws, glass, crisp packets, food wrappers, wooden pallets and even old car parts dumped behind a bush were also bagged up and binned.

Plastic – 36kg

Cans – 13kg

Glass – 124kg

General waste – 777kg

Fishing gear – 59kg

Fridge – 53kg

Bottle caps – 6kg

Total – 1068kg

Malta’s environment minister Jose Herrera and shadow environment minister Jason Azzopardi also visited the clean-up.

Both praised 89.7 Bay and the enthusiastic volunteers for their hard work.

89.7 Bay station manager Andrew Zammit said: ‘I’d like to thank all those who came along to help with our clean-up on Saturday morning.

‘Collecting so much rubbish in just four hours is astonishing – that’s more than a tonne.

‘As Malta’s number one media brand for more than a decade, 89.7 Bay is at the heart of the community, working in partnership for the greater good of the island.

‘We all have a duty of care to help keep Malta clean and green.

‘Our work here was also about helping people to get outdoors, get active, and to get together and help with clearing litter.

‘It’s clear that the Making Malta Green and Clean campaign is making a real impact – and is as much about encouraging civic pride as it is about cleaning up.

‘Let’s remember that we can all make a difference if we all work together.’

Among those taking part in the clean-up were members of the environmental action group Zibel, as well as the Gaia Foundation, Hamrun Girl Guides, Sliema Scout Group and St John Rescue Corps.

Staff from Eden Leisure, Gold Lion Holding, Wasteserv, the Cleansing Directorate and General Soft Drinks as well as student organisations from the University of Malta and Malta Junior College, including KSU, Pulse and SDM, also joined in the effort.

Thank you so much for your hard work!

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