89.7 BAY Is Officially Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station…AGAIN


89.7 Bay has once again been crowned Malta’s number one radio station. Official research shows Bay cemented its position at the top spot with an impressive audience reach of 22.75% up by 3% from the last audience survey!

The independent survey was carried out in July 2020 and was commissioned by the Broadcasting Authority.



The research showed that 89.7 Bay continues to dominate radio listening in Malta, reaching a larger audience than the other music radio stations!



A Broadcasting Authority spokesperson said that 89.7 Bay attracted the highest amount of listeners [22.75%] and was the most followed station by all those under fifty years old – 75.4% of 12-20 year olds, 40.5% of all 21-30 year olds, and 31.9% of all 31-50 year olds.



In the survey, respondents were asked which radio station/s they had listened to the day before the interview. Irrespective of the amount of time which each respondent had spent listening to any particular radio station as well as irrespective of the number of radio stations they had followed the day before the interview, 236,200 persons (aged 12 years and over) listen to radio regularly. This is more than half the population – 52.1%.

Compared to previous data, there was a 7.4% increase of radio listeners over the previous assessment period of March 2020 [44.7%] and a minimal increase of 0.1% over that of a similar period last year [July 2019; 52.0%].