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89.7 Bay is Officially Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station…AGAIN!


89.7 Bay has been officially crowned as Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station for the 14th year, according to figures published by the Broadcasting Authority.

The data for this assessment was collected between 14th and 20th December 2020 as Covid-19 pandemic persists. This survey included changes in terms of collection of data, research methodology, data analysis and presentation of findings.  Because of the changes which were envisaged through PR 18/20, in December 2020, this survey does not make comparisons to previous audience assessment surveys.

Bay is the most followed radio station, 22% of all 794 radio listeners mentioning it as one of the three radio stations which they had listened to on the previous day.  Bay is mostly popular with the younger cohorts, with most of its listeners being radio listeners aged 12 – 30 years. That translates to over 63,000 listeners!



But the surprises do not stop there this time round! Bay is also the favourite radio station on DAB+, and…Bay Breakfast with Daniel & Ylenia is the most favourite local radio programme, with 1 in 5 (20% -158 respondents) mentioning it as their preferred local radio programme. This programme was mostly mentioned as a favourite by radio listeners aged 12 –20 years (1 in 2 respondents) and radio listeners aged 21 –30 years (2 in 5 respondents), while a good percentage of on-demand listeners also chose Bay Xmas!

All in all, this survey is proving once again that 89.7 Bay is a cut above all the other music stations in Malta and Gozo, and we have 63,000 people to thank for this success!