89.7 Bay’s 28-hour charity radio marathon is on!

Two 89.7 Bay presenters are hosting a marathon 28-hour radio show to raise money for charity.

The special show started at 6.30am this morning.

Hosts Daniel and Ylenia from Bay Breakfast will be on-air non-stop until Saturday morning at 10am.

The show features music, competitions, prizes, lots of special guests and interviews with personalities.

It’s the duo’s first charity marathon show since forming the Bay Breakfast team in 2017.

The show on 89.7 Bay is part of the fundraising effort for the Terry Time Trust.

The trust hopes to raise €500,000 to help fund radio personality Terry Farrugia’s cancer treatment.

Mr Farrugia, who previously worked at 89.7 Bay, suffers from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and has relapsed three times since he was first diagnosed around three years ago.

In a statement, the Terry Time Trust said: ‘Terry has finalised his consultation in the US. It was agreed that the best way forward would be for Terry to be treated in Malta.

‘The family will still need to purchase the specialist medication which is expensive and not available in Malta. The US doctors agreed to work with Maltese doctors to implement the advised treatment plan.’