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89.7 Bay and Malta Public Transport Team Up for “Pollution Solution”


Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station, 89.7 Bay is teaming up with Malta Public Transport on a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the environmental benefits of using buses, and the positive long-term effects this has on our wellbeing.

As the name clearly implies, traveling by bus instead of by car is indeed, the Pollution Solution.

“When looking back at the year that 2020 was, and being in the first days of 2021, one thing that has struck us is the fact that one of the few good things that came out of COVID-19 is the fact that we gave the planet the opportunity to breathe, which led to sights of clean canals in Venice, dolphins all over Malta, and cleaner air, which we appreciate more when we get to take off our protective masks. This was the perfect motivation for us to collaborate with Malta Public Transport to show everyone how we truly can save the environment, one bus ride at a time,” Daniel Testa, Station Manager at 89.7 Bay said.


Over the past years, Malta Public Transport has seen a rise in bus passengers, registering an increase of 17 million passengers between 2015 and 2019. Every passenger on the bus means one less car on Maltese roads. Moreover, all MPT buses have EURO 6 engines, offering the cleanest technology diesel engines with ADblue neutralizing emissions.

MPT updates its fleet regularly. In fact, over 250 new buses were acquired by the company since 2016, replacing older models and contributing to a significant reduction in Co2 emissions.


“As the leading provider of sustainable transport services on the islands, we are happy to collaborate with 89.7 Bay to drive a change in lifestyle that will benefit each and every one of us by reducing traffic and enjoying a cleaner environment,” explained Konrad Pulé, Malta Public Transport General Manager. “The company has invested millions in vehicles, technology and people to curtail emissions over the last years and we remain committed to innovative solutions that minimise pollution, and that provide people with more reasons to consider other travel options instead of using their car.”

Throughout the campaign, 89.7 Bay will be raising awareness on the benefits of public transport, across all its channels, including social media. It is ultimately everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our environment is cared for and looked after starting with the smallest of actions – such as leaving your car at home, and taking the bus to your office, to the gym or to your favourite restaurant.

This will mean less stress, less traffic anxiety, less parking hassle, and most importantly a cleaner and greener environment.