8-Year-Old Maltese Chef Releases Cookbook In Aid Of Charity

Let’s look back and reflect for a bit – at the age of 8, what was your greatest achievement? Might have to think long and hard about that one.

For me? My best achievement was probably writing some killer composition about some weird dream I had for my English homework, which is a good achievement for an 8-year-old, but when we heard what 8-yeard-old Gwen is doing…

8-year-old Gwen has released a cookbook, and for every one bought, she’ll be donating an amount of the profits to Puttinu.

Gwen is known for her Facebook page Gwen’s Cooking Club. Every day, she shares simple recipes anyone could do and walks us through how to make them, step-by-step.

“My most awaited day has finally arrived 🤩 My very own RECIPE BOOK is now on sale ❗️ My 8th birthday cannot get any better than this 🎂

Book yours now by sending a PM 💌

A donation to Puttinu Cares will be made for every recipe book sold 🥰,” she writes in a Facebook post. 

You’ll find all sorts of recipes in her book, including some favourites she’s preparing for us to follow on her page:

Mascarpone Peaches

Publiée par Gwen's Cooking Club sur Samedi 18 juillet 2020

Want to support Gwen on this exciting journey?? You can order her recipe book by messaging her page privately – you can also visit her during the book signings she’s currently doing, and buy your edition there.

Well done Gwen!!

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