8 Resources To Help Keep Your Mental Health In Check These Upcoming Semesters


No scholastic year is ever easy, and many students end up feeling overwhelmed and overexerted from the stress, simply because they forget to make time for themselves.

One’s mental health should always be prioritised – but in order to be a roaring success, you might need a few things to help you (and your mental well-being) out first.



1. A Thorough Sleep Routine

I know, I know…you’re probably sick of hearing people telling you the importance of sleep. But seriously, your mind (and body) need to rest – sleep and mood are intertwined, so consequently, insufficient sleep can lead to irritability and stress. No matter how hard your degree is, it is NEVER worth burning yourself out for.



2. Invest in a Planner

Something I’ve learnt along the years as a student, is that being organised is a MUST. Keeping track of your entire schedule, both in and out of lectures, completely changes the game – because in order to help yourself avoid feeling overwhelmed, you need to know what’s going on.



3. Invest in a Journal Too



This might sound a tad cliché, but it’s crucial to have an outlet in life. For whatever emotions or stress that may rise to the surface, journaling can help keep you grounded and focused on the bigger picture. It’s an overall great method to check in with yourself.



4. Stress Balls

If you struggle with anxiety or stress – which let’s face it, if you’re a student you probably do – these little things can actually relieve stress and ease your mind, it’s scientifically proven!



5. Get them Nutrients In!

One crucial thing to remember, not just as a student but for everything in life, is that it’s all connected. Your mental health and physical health go hand in hand, so make sure to eat your fruits and veggies, because it affects you more than you think.



6. Movement is Medicine



Move your body, it can be any form of exercise – whether it’s hitting the gym, playing some football, power walking, dancing, yogawhatever works for you, find it, and do it. It’s no secret that exercise has many, many benefits, and that includes the fact that it’s de-stressing.



7. Colouring Books, for People Our Age!

Okay, hear me out. I’ll admit, these were a bit funny to think about at first but giving your brain a chance to focus on something other than words can actually be extremely relaxing and de-stressing.



8. Lastly, Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

Student life isn’t, nor does it have to be, miserable. Put the work in, of course, but don’t forget to go out and socialise, do fun things, and treat yourself once in a while. It’s important to slow down too, you know.