8 Puppies Were Dumped In Żurrieq But Only 1 Survived

Eight puppies were put in a sack and dumped in a field in Żurrieq moments after they were born.

These eight puppies were left to die in the cold while they were still with their umbilical cord. The person who found them immediately called Animal Welfare who went on site to examine the situation very shortly after.

Unfortunately out of all those innocent puppies, only one survived. This puppy was called ‘Deston’ a name which means ‘fate’. Deston is now safe and sound and can manage to lactate well on his bottle.
More animal abuse…. this has to stop once and for all! This is why we keeping telling people over and over to neuter their animals to avoid more puppies/kittens. This behaviour is unacceptable.” – Max Mar

Have you ever come across an incident like this?