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8 Pigs Caught After Years Roaming In Marsaskala


After many years roaming the streets of Marsaskala, the “strong, fast and smart” pigs have been confiscated by Sunshine Animal Sanctuary Malta.


It has not yet been confirmed where they have been roaming but they were captured by an NGO situated in Marsaskala.


This gang of pigs was bringing about safety issues such as going onto people’s property causing damage, rummaging through rubbish bags and so on. Now they are safe and sound, out of the roads, all chipped and neutered, currently waiting to be rehomed.



“On average, the neutering and chipping has cost €150 per pig. Along with transportation costs, food and bedding, this has all added up. Furthermore, we currently already have 6 pigs in our care (4 of whom are up for adoption) along with many other rescue animals.”



BOV: IBAN: MT08VALL22013000000050017419854

They also accept hay, straw, rabbit food, chicken food, pig food, degu food, fruit/veggies and anything else you feel may benefit our rescue animals.