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8 spectacular winter walks in the Maltese Islands

Malta isn’t always associated with walking but this misses a huge part of the countryside that makes Malta so stunning.

There are some great walks in the Maltese Islands and you could take a stroll by the secluded coastlines, trek the dramatic cliff tops or ramble the rugged countryside.

Great for a break in the summer months but also the slightly cooler off-peak season as the temperatures dip slightly but it is still pleasant to be outside.

Here are our favourite winter walks in Malta and Gozo:


1. Girgenti Walk

On this walk, you will get the chance to wander around Malta’s only woodland at Buskett Gardens.

See cart ruts, Roman quarries, pass through the traditional village of Siggiewi and much more.

Length of walk: Approximately 5 hours


2. Bahrija Walk

This walk starts and finishes in Rabat.

You’ll see beautiful countryside views and experience stunning scenery from the coastal cliffs as well as the uninhabited island of Filfla from afar.

Length of walk: Approximately 5 hours


3. Dwejra Lines Walk

The Dwejra Lines walk starts at Mgarr and ends in Mosta.

You’ll pass through the hamlet of Bingemma and see punic tombs. As the name implies, the best part of this walk are the Dwejra Lines.

The walk ends at Malta’s most famous church, the Mosta Dome.

Length of walk: Approximately 5 hours


4. Mellieha Walk

Starting and ending at the Red Tower overlooking Mellieha Bay, this walk takes you to some of the most spectacular views you can see in Malta.

Views range from scenic land to seascapes, dramatic cliffs, fortified structures and much more.

Depending on the weather, you can end your day by visiting the Red Tower.

Length of walk: Approximately 5 hours


5. Nadur Walk

This circular walk starts and ends in Nadur outside the grand parish church.

On this walk you will go to Dahlet Qorrot Bay, pass by valleys and fields and also get the opportunity to savor some stunning views from the outskirts of Qala.

Length of walk: Approximately 3 hours


6. Gharb Walk

This walk starts and ends in the tiny village of Gharb.

You’ll see the Gordan Lighthouse and enjoy spectacular views of Gozo.

The walk also take you past Ta’ Pinu church down to the beautiful Ghasri Valley, pictured above.

Length of walk: Approximately 4 and a half hours


7. Ramla Walk

The Ramla Walk starts and ends in Nadur.

You’ll enjoy stunning views of valleys, archaeological sites and much more.

The highlight of this walk is of course Ramla Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maltese Islands.

Length of walk: Approximately 4 hours


8. Saltpans Walk

This walk starts and ends in Victoria.

On this walk you’ll see the oldest basilica in Gozo and walk through the stunning Ghasri Valley.

You’ll also pass by the traditional salt pans at Xwejni Bay and Qbajjar Bay.

Length of walk: Approximately 5 hours


Download all the Malta walking guide brochures here:

Cover Photo: Steve Zammit Lupi