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8 Nostalgic Carnival Photos From Times Gone By

Carnival is always an occasion for the Maltese and Gozitans to go out, socialise, and have fun – but then, what isn’t?

As far as my memory serves me, I always recall a trip to Valletta on one of the Carnival Days to see the floats, enjoy the atmosphere, feast on Perlini and Prinjolata, and just have a good time.

Over the past couple of decades, whilst Valletta remained the hub, the venue within Valletta has changed quite a bit. This was due to either infrastructural works happening, or just because we like to try something different.

These pictures will definitely kick in a sense of nostalgia. We came across these photos through a website which has quite a detailed history of the Maltese Carnival.

City Gate in Valletta was the venue of the Carnival Events for quite a while,
that is, before Renzo Piano’s Project



Then there was this one time when it was held in the Valletta Bus Terminus – il-Venda!


Followed by that other time, when for some odd reason, Carnival was held on the Floriana Granaries


A regular feature is the satirical element where most of the time, the targets are our politicians.



A little digging however, confirms that the current Valletta Venue of the Carnival Events, St George’s Square
was the venue of choice even when camera’s weren’t around and the only way to have a picture, was to actually draw it!


Feeling Nostalgic Yet? No? Have a look at these two massive throwback videos from 1962 and 2006.