8 Disney Channel Stars Turning 30 This Year


Apologies in advance, this one is going to make you feel old. And I mean super old.


8) Miley Cyrus – November 23rd



I refuse to believe Hannah Montana is anything older than 17, or at least my dreams are based on immortalising the young Miley Disney star. She’s gone through quite an identity shift over the years, which is great for her knowing it can be tough to break out of that Disney stereotype. Best of all, no matter how old Miley gets, Party In The USA remains a banger.


7) Selena Gomez – July 22nd

Spoiler Alert: Top Celebrity Crush



I can’t say Selena hasn’t aged like a fine wine, but Alex Russo stole my heart too hard for me to say goodbye. I mean, Wizards of Waverley Place was a staple of any early-2000 babies television consumption, so how could we just part ways with one of our favourite characters!



6) Demi Lovato – August 29th



You know what, I think this works. Demi was quite a good child actor, but I’m loving the adult Demi much more I must admit. The self-confidence, the strong identity, we’ve even got some stellar tracks for them over the years too!


5) Nick Jonas – September 16th



Yes ladies, he still looks good. Arguably, he looks even better! What I find amusing is he still has that Camp Rock/ Jonas L.A. charm to him, yet he’s moved past shy nerdy singer on Disney Channel to fully fledged pop star!



4) Dylan and Cole Sprouse – August 4th




Zach and Cody (played by Dylan and Cole, respectively) have no right to just grow up like that! They single-handedly set the standard for having some of the coolest on-screen teenage lives, ever! The amount of times we wished we were rolling around a hotel on a baggage trolley, or went to school on a cruise ship?  Those dreams will never be killed!


3) Gregg Sulkin – May 29th



Another Wizards Of Waverley Place heart-throb hitting that triple-decade milestone, making guys jealous everywhere for getting to date Alex Russo when we couldn’t. He’s been making quite the rounds on screen ever since then, though, through Pretty Little Liars, Faking It and Runaways!



2) Emily Osment – March 10th



Not only has time taking Hannah, but her best friend Lily too?! I must admit, age seems to have done absolutely to her. I mean, look at that skin! It’s good to see she’s still been very active on-screen, and even tipped her toes into a singing career!


1) Bridgit Mendler – December 18th



The big sister we all wish we had growing up! She made huge waves on Disney Channel, starting from her appearance on Wizards Of Waverly Place to her iconic role as Teddy Duncan in Good Luck Charlie, also starring in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth! She pursued a music career, and also made appearances in large projects like Nashville!


You would have never expected for these Disney Channel stars to hit 30 so quickly, huh?