79% of Maltese use social media every day

Malta has a bigger addiction to Facebook and Instagram than almost anywhere else in Europe.

New figures show people in Malta are massive fans of social media with a whopping 79 per cent using the networks every day – the second highest figure in the EU.

Only people in Cyprus are bigger users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with 81 per cent logging on every day.

Portugal came third with 72 per cent, according to the latest survey from the European Commission.

In contrast, only 52 per cent of people in Germany use social media networks on a daily basis.

The Eurobarometer survey shows that daily use of social networks in Malta has shot up by a remarkable 41 points since 2015.

The regular use of social media ranges from 94% in Malta and 93% in Cyprus to 68% in France and 70% in Germany.

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