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73% of Maltese would vote for a gay prime minister

A recent survey conducted by Eurobarometer sheds some light on what people think about members of the LGBTIQ community around Europe.

The Maltese rank in the 17th position among the 28 EU countries when it comes to acceptance of transgender persons in politics and 10 when it comes to acceptance of gay and lesbian people in top political positions.

61% of the Maltese that conducted the survey were perfectly fine with the prime minister of their country being a transgender person.

73% of Maltese were also comfortable with having a gay or lesbian prime minister.

83% of Maltese also agreed that transgender people should be able to change their civil documents to match their inner identity, which is well above the European average of 59%.

The survey also found that 77% of Maltese agree that school lessons and material should include information about gay, lesbian and bisexuals.

A high percentage of Maltese agree with providing lessons and material on being transgender and intersex.

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