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Bolt To Introduce A Tandem Riding Prevention System For Increased Safety


Bolt, Europe’s largest scooter operator, has become the first firm in the world to introduce a tandem riding prevention system!

After its submission was accepted, the company is on its approach to acquiring a patent for the technology from the European Patent Office. Bolt is also launching its cognitive response test together with testing a skid braking prevention system in a bid to prevent riding under the influence of alcohol and increase industry safety requirements.



What is tandem riding? 

Tandem involves riding a scooter with more than one person. Riding a scooter meant for one rider with additional passengers is a common source of accidents, however, Bolt is the first operator to create an in-app option focused at detecting and deterring tandem riding.



Vice President for Rentals in Bolt, Dmitri Pivovarov, stated that they “have decided to take on the most pressing safety challenges in the scooter industry: tandem riding, drunk riding and skidding. Being taken under consideration for a patent on our tandem riding prevention system is a clear sign that we are on the right path.”



How does it work? 

The technology is based on the built-in accelerometer in the Bolt 4 scooter, which was intended to measure the scooter’s acceleration rate. Bolt’s engineers are utilizing the same hardware to detect abrupt changes in mass, which is a strong indication that there are many individuals on one scooter. In this situation, the user receives a push notification on his app.



On the other hand, the cognitive response test is an feature designed to determine if a customer is sober and hence fit to ride a scooter. During particular timeframes, Bolt users are required to respond to a number of on-screen instructions before being allowed to ride.



Meanwhile, the skid braking prevention system is intended to identify dangerous activity like drifting or fast riding. When the system senses fast braking, the back wheel of a scooter becomes locked and customers are alerted to the risky activity through an in-app push message.



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