7,000 Students Attend SkolaSajf 2020, Which Comes to An End


Ten weeks of a successful Skolasajf 2020 will come to an end today. A total of 1,700 staff members took care of 7,000 children who applied for this edition. The Ministry for Education and Employment believes that this year’s Skolasajf was a success from various aspects.

This year, Skolasajf opened its doors almost two weeks before its normal opening date. This was possible following various preparations undertaken by the Foundation for Educational Services to offer the best services to all families.

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici said: “This year we could witness the great sense of dedication and care from all those who were involved in this edition and a lot of work was put in for the benefit of the advancement of the students.”



203 activities were made according to the official programme, and another 288 sessions of physical education were undertaken in all the centres in Malta and Gozo. Another 245 activities were cast virtually during this summer’s edition.

Furthermore, 33 Skolasajf partners gave their contribution with another 129 online sessions.

Apart from the activities related to this year’s theme “My World, My Home”, SkolaSajf organised 65 activities through which fundraising was raised for the benefit of various organisations, including the Malta Community Chest Fund.

This year’s success is also reflected in an important context. During Skolasajf 2020 there was not a single case where a student or educator infected himself or herself with COVID-19 from the schools. This is testament to the rigorousness with which the employees followed the guidelines issued by the Health Authorities as a precaution against the spread of the virus.



In fact, in the individual instances where an educator or student infected himself or herself with COVID-19 from outside the schools, all precautionary measures were immediately undertaken. These measures had a successful outcome—thanks also to the excellent guidance of the Public Health authorities.

“I thank the management of the Foundation, the staff, the partners of Skolasajf, the parents and above all the students who all pulled the same rope for a successful edition,” Minister Bonnici said.

The Foundation for Educational Services will now provide, as it does every year, the programme “Bridge Holidays” until the re-opening of schools at the end of this month.