7 Top Tips For A More Sustainable Christmas This Festive Season


With the holiday season well underway, we’re counting down 7 tips to help you have a more sustainable Christmas alongside Eden Leisure’s Green Team!


Shop Local or DIY


Guess what? You can give more while spending less by not only gifting presents that are personalised and unique, but by supporting locals in the process! Plus, you can take it a sustainable step further and buy someone an experience instead, like a flight or a concert ticket!

BONUS: You could even try thrifting for gifts!


Don’t Be Afraid of Re-Gifting



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I know, I know… some people will tell you that re-gifting isn’t “proper etiquette” – but if your Aunty Tessie gave you something you know you’ll never use and that you haven’t even touched, it’s still a brand-new gift. You could also designate a spot in your home to store unwanted presents! Trust me, it comes in handy – especially for last-minute gifts!


Play A Game of Secret Santa



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Another great way to cut down on consumption is by playing a game of Secret Santa with your loved ones! Just put everyone’s name in a basket, let everyone take a turn at drawing one, and set a budget in advance.


Know Your Sources


When you’re doing your Christmas shopping, make sure you’re looking for gift that’s coming from ethical sources and recycled materials, and if you can, try to avoid battery-powered gifts!


Plan Events To “Give Back”


There is simply nothing like the gift of giving, especially during this time of year. Remember, not everyone has a family to celebrate with or a place to go this Christmas. You can help out at the soup kitchen, or plan a family hike in Selmun and re-connect with nature, or you could even volunteer at a local animal shelter!


Choose Your Lights Wisely


We all look forward to seeing the streets light up when the festive season comes round, but wherever you can, try to reduce the impact of your lighting – trust me, your electricity bill will thank me. Ideally, make use of LED lights which use up to 95% less energy than the traditional holiday bulbs. Oh and, don’t forget to turn them off at bedtime!


Make Your Own Christmas Cards


Not only are handmade cards more personal and ergo more sentimental, but it can be a fun activity to do with your loved ones or kids! There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest too, but if you want to avoid any extra hassle, you could shop for local, handmade cards.


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